gobble gobble { diy }


happy thanksgiving eve! i’m spending turkey day here in germany, where it’s not a day they celebrate, but my sister and i are in the holiday spirit so we decided to make these thanksgiving party hats! they’re so easy, quick, and the best part is you probably already have all of the supplies.

image (10)



essential supplies:

feathers (cut them out of paper or use craft feathers)




those are all of the supplies you’ll NEED just to make an extremely basic headpiece, everything else is just decorating so it’s entirely up to you. i used washi tape, glitter glue, scrapbooking paper (for patterned feathers), and a metallic pen. however, you could use rhinestones, sequins, ribbons, or if you’re feeling extra crafty, you could embroider on it. so decorate away you turkeys!





step one: pick out the colors for your feathers and decorate them.

step two: cut out your headpiece using card stock, arrange the feathers in the order you like, and staple, tape, or glue them onto the headpiece. trick for cutting out the head piece: figure out thick you want your headpiece, then fold it in half. that way it’s double the thickness, plus you can staple/tape your feathers on the back half only, and it won’t affect the front of your headpiece.

step three: decorate the front of your headpiece. this is completely and totally up to you. leave it plain or go crazy! cover it in rhinestones, glitter, doodles, washi tape, whatever your heart desires.

step 4: hole punch each side of your head piece and string ribbon through the holes.

tie it in a bow and voila.

have a happy thanksgiving!



the happy heart banner

so you know all of those old magazines you have lying around? well here is the perfect project for them! BONUS: it’s arguably the world’s easiest diy ever.

                                                                         DSC_1582 (2)

supplies needed:

old magazine

heart shaped hole punch

thread and sewing machine

DSC_1545 (2)

DSC_1560 (2)

step one: punch out your hearts.

DSC_1551 (2)

DSC_1554 (2)

step two: sew ’em all up!

DSC_1567 (2)

and that’s all there is. i wasn’t kidding when i said easiest diy ever. there’s only two steps.

DSC_1573 (2)

DSC_1584 (2)

hang them up everywhere and anywhere! i hung mine horizontal, but you can also hang them in a vertical sheet.

this diy can be done in about 40 min or less, and it’s great to do with kids as they can do the punching, and you can do the sewing.

p.s. send someone some love. make this banner, stick it an envelope, and mail to someone who needs some love.