bonjour colmar


hello! i arrived in germany and today was my first day in france. my mother, sister, and i jumped in the car and drove to colmar.



one of the best parts of the trip was the drive. oh my gosh the drive was incredible. it was two and half hours around the black forest until we arrived at the french border.





my first french coffee!…………..aaaaaat mcdonalds. where they serve mcbaguettes, haha.


colmar is incredible. it is situated right in the middle of france and germany and has lived through ten centuries of germanic reign and four centuries under france’s reign, and it’s one of the few cities that was not bombed during world war two. it’s crazy because while all the buildings are still intact, you can see bullets in the stone walls from machine guns.



 {st. martin’s church. 1234-1365}



we got muenster and cumin tarte flambée for lunch and it was heavenly.

i am officially never going home.








3 thoughts on “bonjour colmar

  1. I’m with Liv, love the last photo. Great photos, looking forward to reading more as you travel around. Curious what other things at McDonalds were ‘local’ fare. We can get rice dishes and tuna and corn pies here at our McDonalds. This is the first place I actually enjoyed a McDonalds coffee (latte to be more accurate).

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