the happy heart banner

so you know all of those old magazines you have lying around? well here is the perfect project for them! BONUS: it’s arguably the world’s easiest diy ever.

                                                                         DSC_1582 (2)

supplies needed:

old magazine

heart shaped hole punch

thread and sewing machine

DSC_1545 (2)

DSC_1560 (2)

step one: punch out your hearts.

DSC_1551 (2)

DSC_1554 (2)

step two: sew ’em all up!

DSC_1567 (2)

and that’s all there is. i wasn’t kidding when i said easiest diy ever. there’s only two steps.

DSC_1573 (2)

DSC_1584 (2)

hang them up everywhere and anywhere! i hung mine horizontal, but you can also hang them in a vertical sheet.

this diy can be done in about 40 min or less, and it’s great to do with kids as they can do the punching, and you can do the sewing.

p.s. send someone some love. make this banner, stick it an envelope, and mail to someone who needs some love.


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